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Kris leaves before The Lost Planet concerts and files. The members unfollow him, fandom turns their back on him, fandom calls him a traitor, members call him out on his decision.

Luhan leaves before the Japanese concerts of The Lost Planet. The members still follow him, fandom supports him…

Anonymous asked - "I JUST WATCHED THE EPISODE AND MY WORLD IS FALLING APART. And this dread feeling I have towards the next episode... Australia?! TFW RIN YO THE HELL??! Harurin is my notp... And makoharu and rintori are my otp's. And they're both being DESTROYED. (well makoharu more than rintori BUT STILL) Please stab my eyeballs with a spoon, it'll lessen the pain. (But please please dont leave the fandom you're like one of my favorite free! blogs! T.T)"


I have no idea what you mean because MakoHaru pretty much just proved itself to be the most canon ship on this show (aside from reigisa)

Rin and Haru are nothing, but competitors when talking in terms of importance which was really emphasized in this episode. Sousuke mentions Haru’s talent. That is gives Rin competition to swim and honestly, that’s all it will ever be. Whenever Haru and Rin aren’t swimming together or discussing swimming it seems like the two never go beyond casual friendship. The only reason Rin is even bringing Haru to Australia is probably because of swimming AND NOT EVEN ON HIS OWN. RIN RECEIVED A TEXT FROM MAKOTO WHICH I’M GUESSING WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT. If anything this supports MakoRin more than HaruRin lol. Anyways, Sousuke and Harus’ conversation pretty much showed how little Haru cared that his talent means something to Rin. So what if Haru would push Rin to go further? Haru still only cares about swimming with his friends. Oh well.

MakoHaru though wow. Not only is Makoto’s future the only one that has not only concerned Haru, but it also broke his heart to hear Makoto was leaving. Haru is okay with leaving Rei and Nagisa behind. He’s okay with Rin swimming somewhere across the world, but Makoto leaving him? Even if it’s just university in Tokyo? His heart broke. His world feel. This scene demonstrates more than any other that Haru cares the most for Makoto. One line really stuck out to me though.


Haru expects everyone else to pester him about his future, but not Makoto. Haru knows Makoto only wants what’s best for him, he knows Makoto looks out for him, but here Haru misunderstands and thinks Makoto is trying to push Haru into a future, even though Makoto just knows Haru wants a dream. He knows it will make Haru happy, but Haru doesn’t understand that.

Unlike Rin, Haru cares about Makoto’s future. Something else I noticed was this.

Haru assumed Makoto hasn’t decided his own future yet. What I get from this is that maybe Haru was holding back because he felt that if Makoto didn’t decide yet, neither did he. If Makoto was staying then he could too. Haru assumed Makoto was going to stay by his side, it never occurred to him that Makoto could leave him and maybe that’s why Haru never even subconsciously thought about a future where he left Makoto.

Because Haru assumed he’d always be with Makoto.

There’s so much more in this argument. Literally every expression. Every line. Everything. I wish I could go through every single thing, but I’d have to break down every word. 

Long story short, MakoHaru has proven itself to be canon to me.

"One thing that made me happy was when Makoto smiled after he lost. Haruka has a trauma (about people losing to him) since Rin turned out that way at the beginning because Rin lost to Haruka. So, competing with each other seriously but seeing the other person smile— as Haruka, that saved me. When (Makoto) looked like he was crying, that made me, as Haruka, feel really pained. But then he smiled— even though he must have been feeling totally frustrated over losing! I thought, what a nice guy. What a great friendship."

- Shimazaki Nobunaga (FREE!ES radio ep5)

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