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"One thing that made me happy was when Makoto smiled after he lost. Haruka has a trauma (about people losing to him) since Rin turned out that way at the beginning because Rin lost to Haruka. So, competing with each other seriously but seeing the other person smile— as Haruka, that saved me. When (Makoto) looked like he was crying, that made me, as Haruka, feel really pained. But then he smiled— even though he must have been feeling totally frustrated over losing! I thought, what a nice guy. What a great friendship."

- Shimazaki Nobunaga (FREE!ES radio ep5)

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Tao Meipai Update - 玩儿的真是开心



"You say those sweet lines so simply. I had to desperately stop myself from saying “Say it more.”"

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"No matter how much you love them, they’ll never truly be 100% yours."

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Why do I have a feeling


That I don’t want to feel.


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 Are you in love with me?